Tulsa County Sheriff

Sheriff Regalado will never stop working to:

  • Keep the public safe and protect life

  • Build a Sheriff’s Office respected by citizens

  • Be a fiscally responsible steward of taxpayer dollars 

  • Establish community partnerships

  • Increase patrol effectiveness throughout Tulsa County

  • Help the families of victims of crime get answers

The Exceptional Qualifications of Sheriff Vic Regalado

The relentless pursuit of justice requires the right man for the job. Sheriff Regalado was elected in 2016 after a 23-year career with the Tulsa Police Department.

As a former investigator with the Tulsa Police Homicide Unit and assignments that included the Organized Gang and Fugitive Warrants units, Vic has wide-ranging law enforcement experience and qualifications. He was also a nine-year member of the Tulsa Police Department’s S.W.A.T. team.

Vic has been the recipient of numerous letters of commendation, the Tulsa Police Department’s Life Saving Award and the Medal of Valor, for bravery beyond the call of duty.

In addition to his service for Tulsa County, Vic is vice chair and sheriff member for the OSBI Commission, which oversees the state agency’s investigative and forensic activities.

He is also a board member of Resonance Center for Women, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Society and Tulsa CASA.

The Exceptional Story of an Immigrant Family, Serving America, Defending the Rule of Law


Sheriff Vic Regalado learned respect for freedom, courage, service to country and the rule of law at an early age.

His father, Victor Regalado, Sr., immigrated to America legally and became a citizen. He then joined the United States Air Force, retiring after 22 years and two tours of duty in Vietnam. 

His mom, Maria, served in uniform as well, coordinating flight plans for the U.S. Air Force.

Vic is proud of his heritage — the son of two American soldiers, and an immigrant father who taught him about service in the defense of freedom.

It’s why Vic so passionately defends the Constitution, and it’s why he believes fervently in the enforcement of the law. It’s why Vic will never tolerate illegal activity, and under his leadership, Tulsa County will never be a sanctuary for those who break the law.

Vic has been married to Jennifer Regalado for 26 years. They met in college while Vic played football at Cameron University in Lawton; Jennifer is a Tulsa County school teacher. The Regalados have raised 3 daughters, and taught them the same American values.

Restoring Trust
Vic has re-established the Sheriff’s Office as a properly administered, professional law enforcement agency. He has updated deputy reserve program requirements, and revamped promotion and disciplinary protocol for employees.

Unprecedented Jail Reforms
Among the greatest accomplishments under Sheriff Regalado’s watch is the reduction of deaths and suicides in the David L. Moss Correctional Facility, otherwise known as the Tulsa County Jail, and a corresponding drop in costly lawsuits against the county.

Improving Training
Vic came to the Sheriff’s Office on a mission to increase training for deputies and detention officers — and he’s delivered. From tactical training for street conflict to de-escalation, substance abuse and mental health training, Sheriff Regalado is equipping law enforcement with the knowledge to succeed.  

Perfect Jail Accreditation Score
In 2018, auditors with the American Correctional Association recommended a perfect score for standards compliance at the jail during reaccreditation. Auditors examined hundreds of issues like safety and security of inmates and staff, medical care, mental healthcare, food service, and policies and procedures.

Solving “Unsolvable” Crimes
Sheriff Regalado formed the Cold Case Task Force to help bring closure to those families that lost a loved one due to an act of violence. Staffed with retired law enforcement officers, the task force has solved three previously unsolved cases, giving families the answers they have been searching years to find. 

Increased Visibility and Improved Response Times
Deputies now utilize sophisticated technology in their patrol cars to spot crime trends and take appropriate action. The results are higher visibility of law enforcement where it’s needed and improved dispatch times and accuracy. As one example, the Tulsa Housing Authority reports a 30% drop in crime at its properties since inception of the new technology.

Leading by Example
Sheriff Regalado doesn’t ask his deputies to do a job he isn’t prepared to do himself. Vic regularly participates in search warrants, investigations, and even answers routine calls for service. He believes in leading from the front and learning firsthand about the needs and unique problems residents face throughout Tulsa County.